a very rough start

Welcome to New Future Shock Wiki

So this is the starting page for this project idea I have.

I would like to try to work on some ideas I have for a future history/story&game setting.

In the process of doing that I was hoping that friends and acquaintances might be interested in joining in in a way that is hopefully fun and scratches slightly at the itch of getting together and doing roleplaying games and or just sitting around and making up fanciful story ideas.

I'm torn over how to present this whole thing as I want to really make this a collaborative fun effort, but at the same time I really am hoping to use this for story development for things I intend to make money off of.

So, I guess for the moment it's just an experiment. I had intended to exercise some amount of GM-ness in terms of maintaining a bit of control over the mega scale direction of things. I hope to do this the way a good GM would , with cajoling, bribes and when necessary the wandering monster table.

I'm not sure how to start this.

I have an idea to start this future history 20 years forward at about 2030 and hopfully take that forward as far it goes.

Thing is I'm trying to make a science fiction world story so I'm taking magic as magic right out. Still, any sufficiently advanced technology and all of that.

I'm trying to make this a very very hard science world.

To get this started I feel I need to make some assumptions about how things are and how they will work.

I personally very much like very flawed characters, being one myself.

From a literary standpoint should such a thing come up my philosophy as best I can tell goes something like this

ordinary or even extraordinary people can be or find themselves in the right place at the right time to make significantly world altering decisions and actions, but very rarely without a price and said price is usually commensurately high.

Also, I feel that failure is often at least as important as success in conveying enjoyable fiction (for me).

So, for every success there were many many more failures though not necessarily all encompassed within the one individual.

I like to think of what I like as a sort of realism or at least a believable, to me, alternative.

I don't have a problem with any character being the big fucking hero, but I do favor some sort of balance.

I know Tom and perhaps Erik have commented that in RPGs I played with them that what they did didn't have any bearing on what ended up happening. I don't know if that's true or not, but my manner of running games like that in the past entailed setting up a bunch of people and organizations with their own agendas and plans that would proceed whether the player engaged them or not. To my mind they were able to effect things but not knowing how what the plans and such were they didn't always understand why the outcomes didn't match what they expected.

I hope to avoid that feeling amongst anyone that chooses to participate.

So, either I can lay out various ideas that I already have with dates and such of when things they do happen or they try to have them happen and then you can read them or not, interact with them or not, change them or not.


I can keep my stuff seperate and merge it into the data as "time" progresses. That way you wouldn't know what I have planned outside of information that I add about what the results of your actions or attempted actions are.

I don't know if that makes sense, but hopefully.

Also, I guess it comes down to, do I want to make this a democracy or benevolent (hopefully) uninvolved (as possible) dictatorship.

Another possibility would be that I don't start things 20 years into the future as doing so would require a whole bunch of sole authorship type stuff to be laid out first and I think a lot of that is where I'm really uncomfortable making the only assumptions.

If you want an example of what I really am striving for the two best examples I have are 2300AD/Traveller 2300 where they basically played a refereed roleplaying/strategy game with each person takign the role of a country and playing out future history to the time of their setting. The other example as best I can tell is exemplifyed in the series ghost in the shell: Stand alone complex. A group of people in some manner sat down and worked out levels of detail about this future world setting. I think in that case people took or small groups took on individual concepts and just sort of ran with them.

So I think to start things off I will just lay out some broad things that will give a fair amount away, but hopefully not everything and give people a basis to work off of.

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